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there's a heart that must be free, to fly ♥

19 August
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[] G I R L --> My name is Jennifer, I prefer to be called Jen. I'm 20 years old. Born and raised in Iowa. I'm currently a senior at Metro High School. If it wasn't for alternative education I wouldn't be receiving my high school diploma on May 23rd, 2007. My friends say I'm sweet, shy at first, quite, outgoing, funny, lovable, & a loyal friend.

[] J ' A D O R E --> Christina Aguilera. Victoria's Secret PINK. Starbucks. Romantic Comedies. Sleeping In. Celebrity Gossip. Tyra Banks. Celebrity Candids. Lime-Light.Org, Livejournal. Men in Trees. PJs & Slippers. The Backstreet Boys. Ugly Betty. Oversize Hoodies. Pasta. Cheesecake. iPod & iTunes. Chinese Food. Rihanna. Corinne Bailey Rae. POTC I & II. Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom. Victoria's Secret Angels. Project Runway. Top Design. Extreme Home Makeover. Tinkerbell.

[] D I S - L I K E S --> Annoying People. Immaturity. Headaches. Being Sick. Mushrooms.
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